3 Cleveland Browns season-altering trade deadline targets

With the Cleveland Browns defense playing so well, Andrew Berry should consider these 3 trades to bolster the offense.

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Quarterback: Jacoby Brissett, Washington Commanders

I’ll start by saying this isn’t my favorite move, but if the Browns truly think that Deshaun Watson is going to miss significant time with the shoulder injury, I would support making a move for Jacoby Brissett, especially if my last recommendation isn't a possibility. 

The good news about Brissett, the cost would likely be low. He's just a backup for the Commanders who aren’t fighting for a playoff spot in 2023, and I’m sure he would be thrilled at the opportunity to start a few games. 

The bad news is, Brissett started 11 games last year for the Browns and only managed to go 4-7. I will admit, while the record wasn’t great, he did keep the Browns in most of the games he started and had times when he looked great. 

Walker has now seen action in two games for the Browns, and even though the team is 2-0, he has been less than impressive to me. He has made one or two throws that have helped the team get the win, but the offense has underperformed while the defense has played out of their mind.

Brissett is definitely a short-term solution. The hope would be to give up a sixth-round pick and let him start the next three or four games to let Watson get fully healthy. With his experience in the system, the hope is the learning curve would be rather quick and he could jump in right where he left off last year.

This team loved Brissett and even though he was only 4-7, fans also seemed to fall in love with the backup journeymen quarterback. In a situation that isn’t great, Brissett would likely be an upgrade.