3 Cleveland Browns starters who could be benched with a bad camp

  • Competition at wide receiver
  • Defensive lineman needs to step up
  • Specialists changing?

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The Cleveland Browns are well underway with training camp and looking ahead after their first preseason game at this point. As we progress through August, roster situations that lacked clarity going into training camp will start to come into focus, and there could be starting positions on the line.

Are there any starters on this Cleveland Browns team in danger of losing their jobs? Even for a team that has high expectations this coming season of competing in the AFC North, there's certainly a chance we could see some shuffling in the starting lineup before the season opener.

Which starters could be in the most danger as of right now?

3 Cleveland Browns starters that could be 'benched' with a bad training camp

1. Jordan Elliott, defensive line

The Cleveland Browns obviously aren't going to put out an official depth chart for some time, and even the initial depth chart (or two) shouldn't be written down in Sharpie. We're utilizing the depth chart provided by Ourlads, a tremendous tool all throughout the NFL season.

Although there was some thought that Jordan Elliott could really emerge in Jim Schwartz's defense, there's no telling whether or not that's actually going to happen. The Browns upgraded their defensive line with the additions of Dalvin Tomlinson, rookie Siaki Ika, and it doesn't look like the team is done there.

They brought in Shelby Harris for a free agent visit, and Browns fans are absolutely pleading with the team to sign him (or someone). Jordan Elliott's starting job may be in danger anyway, but especially so if the team adds a veteran like Harris to the mix.