3 Cleveland Browns starters who could be benched with a bad camp

  • Competition at wide receiver
  • Defensive lineman needs to step up
  • Specialists changing?

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3. Specialists

Specialists matter, too.

The Cleveland Browns appear to be having a punter competition this offseason with incumbent Corey Bojorquez and competitor Joseph Charlton. Charlton has been with the Browns before but hasn't punted in a regular season NFL game since the 2021 season. Bojorquez obviously appears to have the upper hand as the guy the Browns had in the building last year, but you never know when teams are going to make changes to their punter or kicker positions.

The more interesting battle where a "starter" or "projected starter" could lose their job is in the return department. Obviously, Jakeem Grant was signed for his game-changing return abilities, but he's coming off of an Achilles injury and shouldn't be considered a guarantee for anything because of the presence of this player...

Jaelon Darden.

The former Bucs fourth-round pick can return punts and kicks. And he's put some good stuff out there during Browns training camp at receiver as well...

Jakeem Grant playing at full speed would be a huge boost to the Browns' offense but don't get married to the idea that he's going to be the number one kick and punt return specialist. Jaelon Darden is a younger option who could really make an impact over the course of the preseason.


The most important thing for any return man is consistency and reliability. You can't be taking years off your coach's life anytime a punt is in the air and he has no idea what's going to happen. If Darden can prove that consistency, he might be able to "steal" Jakeem Grant's presumed job.

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