3 Cleveland Browns starters that need to shine in the second preseason game

With an AFC North matchup in Week 1, these three Cleveland Browns players need to be sharp early in the preseason.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Cleveland Browns who needs to shine No. 2: Jedrick Wills

It should be no surprise that I’m putting more pressure on Jedrick Wills in Week 2. The Cleveland Browns No. 10 overall pick from the 2020 NFL Draft has been okay, but the inconsistency is getting tiring for fans. 

I’m willing to give him another chance though and he has a clean slate with me for now. Between the hope that Bill Callahan (offensive line coach) can finally get through to him, and he’s fully healthy, he has the talent to be a great left tackle. 

Remember, Wills played right tackle at Alabama and transitioned to the left side of the line. It may sound easy to just move sides, but I can assure you this is a bigger challenge than most would admit. 

What I’ll be looking for most out of Wills is the effort. My biggest frustration with him last year was after getting beat when he would just stand around. With Deshaun Watson’s ability to make plays with his feet, it’s imperative for Wills to stay engaged until the whistle blows. 

I will give Wills credit, he is a guy that is willing to play through injury and toughs it out. A high ankle sprain is something that likely never healed last season and he tried to give it his best through the pain. 

With a healthy body and another year under his belt, I’m hopeful he can turn into everything the organization imagined when they drafted him. With so much money tied up in the offensive line and an exercised fifth-year option, the Browns need him to work.