3 Cleveland Browns starters that need to shine in the second preseason game

With an AFC North matchup in Week 1, these three Cleveland Browns players need to be sharp early in the preseason.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Cleveland Browns who needs to shine No. 1: Deshaun Watson

I still don’t think the Cleveland Browns need to panic about Deshaun Watson.  While I admit he wasn’t as sharp as the Browns would have liked to have seen in 2022, this guy has proven he is a fantastic player. Let’s not forget, his best season was on a terrible team that he carried on his back. 

I don’t need Watson to go 7-of-7 for 100 yards and a touchdown pass, but just looking in sync with the offense and getting a few first downs would be fantastic. Playing quarterback in the NFL isn’t just riding a bike, so a few successful drives in the week two preseason game would be huge for him. 

This Friday’s game will be set up well for Watson to thrive. While the Commanders have one of the best defensive lines in the league, there is a strong chance that none of the four starters get any playing time. 

Not only will Washington resting their starting defensive line be good for Watson, but it will also give the Browns front five a chance to give Watson some time and let him get through a few progressions vs. having to run for his life.

I know many of you are ready to bail on Watson and hate the contract, but this guy can be precisely what Cleveland needs to get to the next level.

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