3 Cleveland Browns who stood out despite Week 12 defeat

Despite suffering a loss, these three Cleveland Browns gave all they had in Week 12 against the Denver Broncos

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2. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Linebacker

Cleveland was off to a slow start on Sunday, beginning with a three-and-out on their opening drive. That was just the 10th time this year the Broncos' defense was able to force a team to punt after just three plays. They quickly surrendered a touchdown and had another offensive series to forget after that.

This time, the Browns were unable to convert on a fourth-and-one thanks to Harrison Bryant fumbling the snap on a potential tight end sneak. That was the second time this same play failed them as a third-and-one lost the five yards when Ethan Pocic was hit with a false start on the same formation.

Denver then had a chance to break the game open with the ball at midfield. They knew this wouldn’t be easy since the defense is so stingy but they initially seemed to be well within field goal range as Russell Wilson converted on a fourth-and-two. However, as he was being taken down at the end of his eight-yard run, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah reached in and punched the ball loose.

Wilson wound up fumbling it and Alex Wright made an impressive recovery in traffic. Unfortunately, the defense was back on the field in a hurry since the offense again let them down. Despite the turnover giving them momentum, it was another three-and-out for the offense as they gained a total of three yards before punting again.

He began the second half with the same passion and again stepped up on the Broncos' opening drive. Down 14-6, the Browns needed the defense to get them the ball back and that happened thanks in large part to JOK. On third-and-one, Javonte Williams got the ball but was stuffed for a three-yard loss when Owusu-Koramoah met him in the backfield to force a quick three-and-out.

JOK finished with 12 tackles, two for a loss, and had a sack as well. He continues to shine for Cleveland and despite the loss, he stood out as a star. This has easily been his best season as a pro and as long as he keeps playing this well, the Browns will always have a fighting chance.