3 Cleveland Browns who could struggle on offense in 2023

With a ton of pressure on Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns in 2023, these three players could struggle.

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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Cleveland Browns Struggling Player No. 2 – Jack Conklin

One of the bigger surprises at the end of 2022 was the four-year extension worth $60 million that the Cleveland Browns gave Jack Conklin. It’s not a secret that Conklin has suffered from multiple injuries the last few seasons so locking him in long-term was definitely a shock.

After missing seven games in the first four years of his career, Conklin has missed 14 games in the last three years with one of those injuries being a serious kneecap issue that some thought could keep him from ever playing the game again.

I’m hoping his struggles in 2022 were a fluke and he wasn’t fully healthy, but the former All-Pro tackle who will only be 29 at the start of next season has been through a lot. 

Conklin has always been a better pass protector than a run blocker, but last year he struggled with both. Far too often the opposing defensive ends were storming around both our offensive tackles and getting pressure on Watson before he even looked up.

Truthfully, both tackles (Jedrick Wills and Conklin) are candidates to disappoint in 2023 and both made each other look worse last season as one or the other was getting beat on nearly every single play.

Bill Callahan (Offensive Line Coach) is often praised for being one of the best positional coaches in the league. Let’s hope with a healthy room and a year of experience playing with Deshuan Watson that things look better across the board.