3 Cleveland Browns on thin ice at the midway point of Season

As we move past the halfway point of the season, these 3 Cleveland Browns need to improve their play.

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No. 2: Browns Wide Receiver, Moore

I’m still not bummed about the Cleveland Browns giving up a second-round pick for Elijah Moore. He's a young and talented wide receiver who still has another season left on his rookie deal. That means the Browns will owe less than $2 million for the 2024 season. 

All we heard all offseason was how misused Moore was in the Jets offense. I was honestly shocked they still moved on from him after bringing in Aaron Rodgers, but it’s starting to feel more and more like they knew something we didn’t. 

Halfway through the season, Moore is on pace to have his best season as a pro, but no one expected 60 receptions and under 600 yards for the season with Watson as his quarterback. The Browns have tried to utilize him in the running game as well, but that has ended in disaster in almost every single attempt

With Donovan Peoples-Jones out, Moore is going to have to step up in the back half of the season. Even though DPJ had very little production in the 2023 season with the Browns, he’s still another weapon that is no longer around. 

I think Moore can still be good, but given how small he is and the routes he runs, Watson has to be more accurate in order to get him the ball. There's no doubt that Kevin Stefanski has tried to force the ball his way, but it just hasn’t panned out thus far.

This is a guy I’m rooting for, but I can lie to myself and say he’s been what we expected.