3 Cleveland Browns on thin ice at the midway point of Season

As we move past the halfway point of the season, these 3 Cleveland Browns need to improve their play.

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No. 1: Browns Quarterback, Deshaun Watson

Before I start this, I’m not saying that Deshaun Watson won’t continue to be the Cleveland Browns quarterback if he doesn’t improve in the back half of the season. But I am saying that more and more fans will start to ask questions if we don’t see signs of life in the last nine weeks of the season.

In five starts and four full games in 2023, Watson has a completion percentage of 62, six touchdowns, and three interceptions. He’s thrown for 902 yards which is basically 225 yards per game when you factor in, he barely played vs. the Colts.

When you look at the stat line, it’s not horrible. You’d love to see a higher completion rate and a few more yards, but it’s not awful. What is concerning is what your eyes see when you watch Watson play. He still lacks accuracy on short passes that require more touch, and he still gets panicked in the pocket at the first sign of pressure.

Let’s call a spade a spade here, Watson is going to be the Browns quarterback for the next three seasons. They gave him $230 million guaranteed, and the way he’s been playing there isn’t a team in the league that would take on that contract.

Fans want everything to happen now, but if they have some patience the relationship will develop between Stefasnki and Watson and things will improve. At this point, we need to be happy making the playoffs in 2023, with the real pressure of making a deep run starting next year. 

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