3 Cleveland Browns who could be traded during the NFL Draft

If the Browns wanted more draft capital, they could try and move these 3 veterans

Cleveland Browns, Greg Newsome II
Cleveland Browns, Greg Newsome II / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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1. Greg Newsome II, CB

The most likely trade scenario involving a veteran during the draft for the Browns would be Greg Newsome II. The former first-round pick from Northwestern has been a solid player over his first three seasons in the NFL. The problem is that he’s playing in a crowded secondary and he’s approaching a major crossroads in his contract.

Cleveland has until May 2 to decide if they want to pick up the fifth-year option in Newsome’s contract. Doing so would trigger a $13 million payday for him, which would be fully guaranteed. Even if the front office believes he’s worth that, they might be hesitant to pay him.

With Denzel Ward already playing under a $105 million deal, the Browns could decide to go in a different direction. Especially since they have Martin Emerson who is entering his third season in the NFL and could be due for an extension soon. They’re also comfortable with Cameron Mitchell, another Northwestern product, who played well as a rookie in 2023.

Cleveland could decide to let Newsome play out his deal and they might even be able to pay him the $13 million in 2025 and then figure out how to pay Emerson. But there’s a good chance they’ll entertain offers given their depth and the fact that Newsome could land them another pick on Day 2.

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