3 Cleveland Browns to watch in Week 1 against Cincinnati

• Stars will shine bright

• The first real test is approaching

• Garrett starts a DPOY season off strong

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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In recent years when the Cleveland Browns have faced their fellow AFC North opponent, they have played to the best of their abilities every single time. With a record of 5-1 over the last three seasons, four of those wins came against Joe Burrow.

On Sunday the Browns look to add another win in the Battle of Ohio.

As they take on Cincinnati, here are three players to keep an eye on.

3. Nick Chubb, RB

As is the case with most teams he faces, Nick Chubb has run through the Bengals' defense in his career, averaging 88.6 yards a game, 5.1 per carry, and eight touchdowns in nine games played. When you watch the Browns offense, there's a good chance you are already watching Chubb go to work. This game is going to be a different reason to watch him thanks to the passing game.

Now most people who have watched Chubb throughout his career know that he's underrated when it comes to catching the football. Browns fans know better than most as they have watched him take multiple screens for huge gains and touchdowns. But this is the first time he will be RB1 in the Browns passing game.

Chubb is arguably the best pure runner in the NFL, but his ability to catch the ball has always been overlooked. This is fair as he averages around 24 receptions 198 yards and less than a touchdown per season catching the ball.

Over the offseason, there have been multiple reports that Chubb is going to get a lot more action when it comes to catching the ball. This should get fans excited as you want the ball in your best player's hands and this gives him the ability to get more touches and have an even bigger impact.

It does need to be said that you should not expect him to come out and look like Christian McCaffery or Alvin Kamara in terms of catching the ball in Week 1. But expect Deshaun Watson to look his way and have plays specifically designed for him to catch passes. A career season in receiving might be on the horizon for Chubb, so pay close attention to him in Sunday's action.