3 Cleveland Browns whose futures are in doubt after the 2024 NFL Draft

These 3 veterans could be in trouble after the Browns draft haul
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Cleveland Browns Future in Jeopardy No. 1 -Joel Bitonio or Wyatt Teller

Perhaps the most impactful pick of the 2024 NFL Draft for the Cleveland Browns came in Round 3 when they drafted the former Wolverine guard, Zach Zinter.  I don’t think he will necessarily have a major impact in 2024 unless there is an injury, but he will impact plans moving forward.

Zinter could have been a first-round pick if it wasn’t for the injury he faced at the end of last season, so if he gets even close to 100 percent again, he's going to be a starter on this team in 2025.

The big question to be determined is who will he replace. Wyatt Teller is under contract through 2025, but his production has not lived up to his massive extension signed last season. If Joel Bitonio has another season left in him, I see Zinter at right guard and Teller being cut.

Bitonio is certainly limited in seasons left and is likely a guy that will never be cut given his tenure, but should he retire after 2024 you’ll likely see Zinter replace him and Berry once again draft an interior lineman to try and push Teller out the door. 

I may be a little high on Zinter and a little negative on Bitonio and Teller’s ability to protect Watson, but overall this may have been one of the best value picks in the draft. 

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