3 defensive tackles the Cleveland Browns can target late in 2023 free agency

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Browns DT target No. 2: Matt Ioannidis

Matt Ioannidis was a mainstay in the Washington defense for six seasons. He moved around as he lined up as a defensive end in their 3-4 front and also spent time playing both defensive tackle positions.

He had a very good stretch of football in 2018 and 2019 when he recorded 7.5 and 8.5 sacks respectively. Since those two years, that number has dropped off but he's remained a very reliable starter.

This past season, Ioannidis joined the Carolina Panthers and had 37 tackles and one sack in 13 games. His numbers weren't breathtaking but he was able to hold his own in run defense and did still have 10 quarterback pressures on the season.

What's even more impressive is how good he is once he gets his hands on the ball carrier. Since 2018, Pro Football Reference has had him with just nine missed tackles. His highest percentage of missed tackles in a single year according to them was last year when he was 7.5 percent after missing three tackles.

Signing Ioannidis wouldn't be a splashy move and some would completely overlook it due to his name not being highly recognizable. Even so, it would be a smart move since they would land a versatile player who won't get bullied in the run game and can provide some pressure up the middle as well.