3 false narratives about the Cleveland Browns in 2023

Even though there is a lot to be excited about for the 2023 Cleveland Browns, these false narratives still exist.

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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As we all anxiously await the beginning of the 2023 season for the Cleveland Browns, the work has already begun behind the scenes. Voluntary workouts have passed, and we now wait until July 19th when rookies report to camp and July 21st when veterans arrive.

The Browns will have a lot of familiar faces returning on offense, but the defense will have a lot of new faces and will likely need a good portion of camp and the preseason to make sure they gel well. Remember, they'll once again only have three preseason games to prepare for the regular season.

It’s easy to get excited by 30-second clips from reporters, but we are still a month away from knowing what this team really has to offer. Even though there's a lot of excitement, there are still a few false narratives about this team.

Cleveland Browns False Narrative No. 3 – There are no holes on this roster

For about the third straight season, I hear a lot of rumbles on how “perfect” this roster is.  And while I agree that I like this roster more than any other year, perfect is a very strong word.

Andrew Berry worked a lot of magic this offseason, but there are still a few huge question marks as we head into the season.

On the defense, depth is extremely weak at defensive tackle, linebacker, and cornerback. As long as no one gets injured (which will never happen), the Browns will be fine, but if there is a slew of injuries (which always seems to happen), there will be some major question marks. 

The offensive line is a big question mark as well for me. They do have eight or nine capable players to fill five positions, but they struggled mightily in pass protection last year which slowed down this entire offense. 

Berry doubled down with an extension to Jack Conklin and picked up the fifth-year option on Jedrick Wills. I don’t care how talented of skill players you have, if your quarterback doesn’t have time, it’s going to be a struggle.