3 first year Browns who didn't earn a second season

These 3 Cleveland Browns were new to the team in 2023 and likely won't be back in 2024

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2. Marquise Goodwin, WR

When training camp began, there was a lot of excitement about the receiver position. Cleveland added Elijah Moore in a trade with the New York Jets. He hadn't reached his potential with the Jets but Moore was an electric playmaker at Ole Miss and is still incredibly young.

They also went out and got a veteran, signing Marquise Goodwin to a one-year deal. Like Moore, Goodwin is known for his speed — which makes sense considering the man is an Olympic athlete. His presence should have given them someone who could stretch the field. It also allowed them to finally move on from Anthony Schwartz.

Unfortunately, Goodwin was set back by blood clots which were discovered in his lungs and legs. Somehow, he was able to see the field by Week 1 but he had no time to work with offense and get comfortable. This led to some disastrous plays early in the year when he was targeted and he went weeks without touching the ball.

In all, Goodwin played in 12 games, finishing with 67 yards on four receptions and 33 yards on four rushing attempts. That's a total of 100 yards from scrimmage on eight touches — which is a misleading average of 12.5 yards each time he got the ball. The truth is, 57 of his receiving yards came on one catch as did 20 of his rushing yards.

Taking out his two big plays means Goodwin managed a mere 23 yards the other six times he touched the ball. That's fewer than four yards per touch. That's not what they expected and it's likely going to lead to another deep threat being targeted this offseason.