3 free-agent moves from Steeler that Browns fans can laugh at

The Steelers had an interesting offseason

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The Pittsburgh Steelers deserve their credit for being one of the better franchises historically but that doesn't mean Cleveland Browns fans shouldn't enjoy watching them struggle. That's been the case lately as they've found ways to win games but they're having to overcome a lot in order to do so.

Looking ahead to 2024, they might have made it even more difficult on themselves. The Steelers made plenty of moves to try and improve and in the end, they really just gave Browns fans more to laugh at.

3. Signing a punter to a $9 million deal

Cleveland fans understand how important a good punter can be. Corey Bojorquez helped them out of several jams during the 2023 season, which is why he was retained on a two-year deal. Bojorquez will make a total of $4 million should he play out the entire contract and has almost all of his $1.875 million worth of guarantees coming in 2024.

Then, there's the Steelers. They went out and signed Cameron Johnston to a three-year, $9 million deal with $2.875 million guaranteed. Sure, Johnston is a great punter and he should be an improvement over Pressley Harvin III, who they used a seventh-round pick on in 2021.

Even with that being the case, it's hard to justify spending $3 million on a punter. Especially when you realize that's more than George Pickens, Pat Friermuth, and Jaylen Warren all make. It's also just $1 million per season less than what the Browns are paying for Jordan Hicks, a starting linebacker.