3 hypothetical Cleveland Browns draft day trades

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Projected Trade: Cleveland Browns trade picks 74 and 126 to Detroit Lions for the 48th pick

There are a couple of layers at work here that could make this one come to fruition. John Dorsey is currently with the Detroit Lions but spent three seasons with the Browns. For more than one of those years, he worked with current Cleveland GM Andrew Berry, who was the vice president of player personnel under Dorsey for the end of the 2017 campaign and all of 2018.

With their previous working relationship, there should be a line of communication and Dorsey has always been open to making trades with those he knows. That happened often during his time in Cleveland, including a deal with the Indianapolis Colts who employed Chris Ballard — a former colleague and friend of Dorsey's.

Would this trade be good for the Browns?

Another layer here, is that pick No. 48 would put Cleveland right in front of the Pittsburgh Steelers who have the 49th pick. Perhaps they could be looking at the same prospects and would be able to snatch them away from their rival. Each team can use depth on the EDGE as well as at linebacker and safety, making this a wise move for the Browns.

Players worth making the move for

If Cleveland were interested in adding a pass rusher, Wisconsin's Nick Herbig or Notre Dame's Isaiah Foskey could be valuable additions at this point. Herbig might be more of a stand-up pass rusher but defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz knows how to use any player and Herbig is a magnet for the quarterback. Foskey has a lot of potential as well and set the school record for sacks, beating out Justin Tuck.

If linebacker was the play, Jack Campbell of Iowa or Drew Sanders from Arkansas would be solid additions.