3 Matchups the Cleveland Browns need to exploit to get their record to 5-3

• The Warden vs Hollywood

• Budda vs the screens

• Keeping the Cardinals out of Tune

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks
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Matchup No. 1: Jim Schwartz vs Clayton Tune

Would you like to hear a recipe for disaster? Of course, you do. Well, imagine for a second, if you will, that you are Clayton Tune. You’re a fifth-round rookie quarterback making your first NFL start on the road against a Jim Schwartz defense that has a defensive line led by Myles Garrett and is littered with talent at every positional room. You probably would not like your chances, would you?

Well, that is exactly where the Arizona Cardinals find themselves this coming Sunday. On top of a rookie quarterback making his first start, your starting running back is on the injured reserve list and his backup has not been able to practice due to injury. Sprinkle on top of that an offensive line that has struggled in allowing pressure and you have yourself an incredibly tough day at the office.

But there's a flip side to this coin. While everything is pointing in the direction of a dominant day for the defense, it's impossible for Browns fans not to remember names like Duck Hodges, Brandon Allen, and Bailey Zappe. There have been plenty of no-name quarterbacks that have diced Cleveland up in the past. However, none of those defenses had Jim Schwartz at the helm.

Schwartz will need to dictate the terms of the agreement and force Tune to play reactionary football from the word go. Luckily for Browns fans, Schwartz is aggressive by nature so he will not have to get outside of his comfort zone in order to rattle the rookie. Expect heavy pressure and a slight uptick in blitzes combined with aggressive man coverage in the secondary.

The Browns have a recipe for disaster for a rookie quarterback, and Jim Schwartz is the perfect chef to combine all of the ingredients and serve up a masterpiece for Browns fans. Bon Appetit.

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