3 matchups the Cleveland Browns must win to get to 7-3

• A rook vs a DC

• Thanos turns up for Watt

• Myles vs the field

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Matchup No. 1: Myles Garrett vs Dan Moore and T.J. Watt

Myles Garrett is on a quest to become the first Browns player to ever win Defensive Player of the Year. Entering Week 11, Garrett is the odds-on favorite to win the coveted DPOY. While it is a tight race at this point in the season, Garrett has a massive opportunity to separate himself from the pack with his matchup against the Steelers.

The opportunity is twofold. Myles will be matched up with a struggling third-year left tackle in Dan Moore. Now, Moore will not be left alone on an island with Garrett very often in Sunday’s game. Garrett will have to deal with his usual barrage of double teams, from both guards and tight ends, as well as an obscene amount of chip blocks from running backs. But even with all the added attention, Garrett will need to persevere and make game-wrecking plays.

However, what makes this a twofold opportunity is the apples-to-apples comparison that Garrett can demonstrate against his edge-rushing counterpart T.J. Watt. While Garrett is the front-runner for the DPOY award, Watt's a former winner of the award and is currently the third favorite for this year’s award. If Garrett can put on a dominant display of his abilities and wreck the game, plus outperform Watt while doing so, Sunday’s game could launch him into a discussion all by himself.

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