3 matchups the Cleveland Browns must win to upset Baltimore in Week 10

• D-Hop vs the GOAT

• Big Test for Teller

• DW vs a ball hawk

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Matchup No. 1: Deshaun Watson vs Geno Stone

The largest determining factor in wins and losses in the NFL is the turnover battle. For the Browns to have a shot against the Ravens, winning that turnover battle must be their top priority. Last week against the Arizona Cardinals, the Browns registered their first turnover free game of the season.

But it will not be the Cardinals lined up across from the Browns this Sunday. It will be a bird of a different color awaiting the Browns offense in Baltimore. The Ravens already have nine interceptions on the season.

However, six of those nine interceptions have been snatched up by one player…Geno Stone. The fourth-year safety has unlocked a level to his game and is currently leading the entire NFL in picks. Stone will no doubt be looking to pad those numbers going up against Watson and the Browns this week.

For Watson, there's a fine line between being careful with the football and playing it too safe. If this Browns offense is going to realize its full potential, Watson needs to continue to take shots down the field and give his receivers opportunities to make plays. Watson was able to connect on two massive plays to Amari Cooper in his first game back from injury in Week 9.

To leave Baltimore with a win, Watson is going to have to connect on a handful of high-risk/higher-reward throws. If Watson is unable to manipulate Geno Stone with his eyes, those throws down the field become a good bit riskier. All these matchups are key, but this one could be the deciding factor.

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