3 more Browns contract adjustments could free up $42 million in 2024

The Browns have made some moves but there are more available

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Browns contract No. 1: Deshaun Watson, QB

When the Cleveland Browns signed Deshaun Watson to the fully guaranteed $230 million contract in 2022, NFL owners lost their minds. Not only is the cap hit more than $60 million per season (after one restructuring), but it also reset quarterback deals in the league.

Luckily for the Browns, Berry has convinced ownership to continue to outspend the rest of the league in restructures with void years and singing bonuses. Right now, Over The Cap estimates another $33.5 million in savings with a restructure and additional void year. 

Even though it feels like the Browns are likely done spending big dollars for the 2024 offseason, there is plenty of financial maneuvering to be done to free up more dollars. One must ask, is Berry willing to eat the full $64 million this year in case things don’t work out? 

Watson will still have more than $130 million of guaranteed money left on his contract after next season if it’s not touched, but we saw the Denver Broncos willing to move on from Russell Wilson for $85 million over the next two seasons.

I’m not saying that’s going to happen or that’s even going through Berry’s mind, but I’m telling you he knows his time to win is now with the roster he has on defense. To have a $230 million quarterback and still not find a way to get across the finish line would be extremely frustrating. 

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