3 more moves that would make this the perfect Cleveland Browns offseason

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2. Browns need to bring in Jerick McKinnon

As good as Nick Chubb is, the Browns can't go into the season expecting him to carry the load all by himself. Sure, they have Jerome Ford but if they believed he was good enough to be RB2, they would have given him more than eight carries last season — especially since Kareem Hunt was struggling.

On top of that, while Ford did show off some athleticism and soft hands at the Scouting Combine, there's nothing that says he will be as dangerous in the passing game as Kareem Hunt was at one point. With that being the case, Cleveland should bring in Jerick McKinnon who spent last season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

McKinnon is a seasoned veteran who has been in the NFL since 2014 and played for three different teams. He overcame injuries that cost him both the 2018 and 2019 campaigns and then had his best season as a pass-catcher last year. McKinnon finished with 56 receptions for 512 yards and nine touchdowns.

He's also an unselfish player, which he proved when he slid down at the two-yard line to allow his team to run out the clock and kick a game-winner in the Super Bowl, rather than run in an easy touchdown and take the glory for himself.

At 31-years of age, he wouldn't be a long-term answer but as a check-down option for Deshaun Watson, he would be a great addition.