3 most overrated Cleveland Browns on the 2023 roster

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of talent on their roster but these three players might be the most overrated heading into the 2023 season
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We are now in a bit of a lull during the NFL offseason. The draft and bulk of free agency are over, and for fans of the Cleveland Browns we are pretty much limited to a few clips by the beat writers of the team from voluntary camp.

I remember three years ago at this point all we saw was how Baker Mayfield and Austin Hooper had a chemistry like we’ve never seen before. They were linking up on every other play in camp, which led to almost no production during the regular season. 

My point is, there isn’t a lot to get over-excited about at the moment. We are hearing that Deshaun Watson looks incredible, but I want to see it on the field during a real game first.

As we wait for training camp to fully start, let’s look at some of the roster’s weaknesses. Here are three of the most overrated players on the roster currently.

Cleveland Browns Overrated Player No. 3: Siaki Ika

I know it’s strange to call a rookie overrated before we have even seen him on the field, but I’m warning all fans now they should lower expectations of Siaki Ika. 

He is the exact body type the Browns needed at defensive tackle to stuff the run, and with being selected in Round 3, expectations are high. 

There are a lot of red flags in my opinion with Ika. One, even though everyone wants to talk about his athleticism, that is in accordance with his size. His 40-yard dash and shuttle times are horrendous when compared to others at his position.

The other red flag is his technique. You can tell when watching him he plays like he has been bigger than everyone his entire life. Once he hits the NFL, most of these guards and centers are going to be strong enough that he can’t just lean on them and win.

I hope I’m wrong, but Ika appears to be the next Danny Shelton on this roster. If your expectations are through the roof for this rookie, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.