3 most overrated Cleveland Browns on the 2023 roster

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of talent on their roster but these three players might be the most overrated heading into the 2023 season
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Cleveland Browns Overrated Player No. 2: Wyatt Teller

When the Cleveland Browns traded a couple of late-round picks for Wyatt Teller, they quickly started to look like heroes. Teller is an absolute monster run blocker and frequently makes the highlight reels with pancake blocks. 

However, after multiple leg injuries over the last season and a half and a major contract extension, we have seen his production drop drastically. He's still an above-average run blocker, but he struggles tremendously in pass protection, especially with someone with any quickness on the inside. 

Part of me wonders if Teller has been playing injured for a while and that's part of the reasoning. He plays with a ton of heart so playing through an injury would not shock me. If that is the case, hopefully, we will see some major improvements in 2023.

I’m not saying I don’t believe the hype on Bill Callahan (offensive line coach) being one of the best ever, but he certainly has some work cut out for him in 2023. 

The offensive line was part of the reason we saw Mayfield decline so quickly, and often last year Deshaun Watson had zero time to even think about getting rid of the ball. 

There's a ton of money tied up right now and not a lot of options for moving on. If Teller does struggle again, the Browns could look to potentially trade him early in the season to get rid of his deal.