3 pending free agents Browns should retain and 2 they should not

The Cleveland Browns look to build on their impressive 11-6 record from last season. Find out which players they should re-sign and which ones they should let walk.

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With a record of 11-6 this past season, the Cleveland Browns should have a reason to believe in their chances in 2024. Cleveland was able to notch their impressive record despite being without most of their star players for the majority of the year. They weren't satisfied with the one-game postseason run but the future is bright for them.

Of course, they can't just run it back without making any changes. We can see that's not their plan as they already moved on from several offensive coaches, including offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. They still need to make a few hires and then it will be all about their roster moves.

First up will be their decisions on pending free agents. Here, we get a jump start on that with three players the Browns should re-sign and two that they need to let walk.

Browns should retain: Corey Bojorquez, P

Ahead of the 2022 season, the Browns added Corey Bojorquez, who continued to make his way through franchises that play in cold weather. He started his career with the Buffalo Bills where he played from 2018 through 2020. From there, he spent one year in Green Bay with the Packers. Now, Bojorquez has two seasons in Cleveland under his belt.

During those two years, he's proven to be a major weapon. Bojorquez has an average of 49 yards per punt including 49.4 in 2023. He also had more punts during this campaign than at any other point in his career, which led to 4,294 yards. Bojorquez pinned the opponent inside the 20 31 times and had a long of 73 yards.

He's not your average kicker and in some of the low-scoring games this year, he was a primary reason they pulled out wins. Keeping him means the defense will continue to have favorable positions as he flips the field with ease.