3 Pivotal matchups where Cleveland Browns must avoid falling short in Week 7

• Moore vs Moore

• All-Pro vs All-Pro

• An unstoppable force vs a very moveable object

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Matchup No. 1: Myles Garrett vs Bernhard Raimann

This is the No. 1 matchup that the Browns must exploit against the Colts. For starters, we are talking about Myles Garrett here, one of the most dominant pass rushers the league has ever seen. And after a week of going up against, and routinely beating, a future hall-of-fame left tackle in Trent Williams, Garrett faces a significant drop in the level of competition this week.

Enter Colts left tackle Bernhard Raimann. Now while Raimann has plenty of skills and traits to like, ready for a player like Myles Garrett…he is not. Last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Raimann was routinely beaten by Josh Allen — the defensive end, not the Bills quarterback. While Allen is an excellent young edge defender, he is not Garrett.

This is the perfect setup for Garrett to have a Defensive Player of the Year type outing. With Anthony Richardson electing for season-ending shoulder surgery, backup quarterback extraordinaire Garnder Minshew will be under center for the Colts. While Minshew is a sneaky good athlete, that sneakiness will not help him in any way when Garrett turns the corner on Raimann, which is going to happen.

If Garrett is held to under two sacks in this contest, that would be a resounding win for Raimann. My money would be on the over. This is the week for Garrett to get another hat trick.

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