3 players the Cleveland Browns can't lose to injury in 2023

The Cleveland Browns chances in 2023 would take a serious hit if any of these three players were to get injured

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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Knock on wood! Let's hope no Cleveland Browns players get seriously injured in this upcoming 2023 season. Sadly, injuries are part of the game and they could happen to any player. Teams try their best to have their players get in good condition during the offseason and in training camps but one can't protect players at all times.

The Browns have had their share of players that have suffered injuries in the past. There's no better example than former quarterback Baker Mayfield who suffered an injury to his shoulder in the Week 2 game of the 2021 season. That injury lingered for the whole season and Cleveland struggled and finished with a sub .500 record.

Let's take a look at the three players today that if they were injured, the Browns season would be in jeopardy.

3. Deshaun Watson, Browns QB

We'll begin with the player that the Browns would miss the most should he suffer an injury. That player is quarterback Deshaun Watson. We saw how they did a year ago without Watson as he served out his 11-game suspension for off-the-field misconduct.

Cleveland had a 4-7 record before Watson took over. Of course, he didn't have much better luck, as the team went 3-3 when he returned but now with a full season ahead, the outlook on the Browns season is much more favorable.

Watson is also the symbolic team leader of the team and if he were to suffer any type of injury that required him to be out of the game for any length of time then the players on the team might be affected as well.

At the moment, rocket man Josh Dobbs would be in line to take over the quarterback duties if Watson were to be sidelined again. He certainly could step in and do well. He was the backup a year ago when Brissett was quarterbacking.

Eventually, Dobbs was picked up by the Tennesse Titans and he started two games for them and played well. Now he's back in Cleveland and ready to step in at a moment's notice.