3 potential cap casualties the Cleveland Browns could be interested in

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Cap Casualty Signing No. 2 – Harrison Smith, Safety

After 11 seasons in the NFL all with the Minnesota Vikings, it’s looking more plausible that Harrison Smith will find himself a free agent soon. The Cleveland Browns would likely have an interest as there would be deep ties between him and Kevin Stefanski.

I love the toughness and leadership that Smith would bring, but it’s worth mentioning that he's a similar type of player as Grant Delpit. Smith is a bigger safety who is known for playing with no regard for his body and is great in run support. 

Smith has had five interceptions in four different seasons, so that doesn’t mean he is incapable of being good in coverage, it just means he may not be the perfect fit for the Browns system. Jim Schwartz would have to decide if he is comfortable with Smith and Grant Delpit in man-to-man coverage. 

Smith is definitely a short-term answer, but there is no doubt he still has at least another year in the tank. Not only would he be a great mentor for Delpit, but you could also draft a guy in 2023 the be mentored as well. The biggest plus side of Smith is his durability. In 11 years, he has played 13 games in all but one season. 

I know a lot of people are wanting a big splash at safety like Jessie Bates. And while I’d be all for that, a veteran at a cheaper price seems the route Berry may go, and Smith fits that mold perfectly and has ties to Stefanski.