3 Potential disastrous moves by Cleveland Browns with No. 74 pick in NFL Draft

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Browns disastrous move No. 2: Picking an offensive lineman

One of the biggest strengths of the Browns is their offensive line unit. They've powered their way to being one of the best groups in the NFL. They've also helped block for a dominant ground game, making that unit one of the best as well in the league.

The offensive line as a group has had its share of injuries over the years and the Browns will likely look to draft a guard or tackle but they just shouldn't do that with the No. 74 pick. While it's important to add depth, the move to pick a new player, unless he was a projected top 30 player as we've mentioned in the previous discussion on running backs, then the team should wait and take one in the middle or later rounds.

There are many good-quality linemen in this class that Cleveland could select in the latter rounds. Tyler Steen, a left tackle from Alabama, who stands at 6-foot-6 and 320 pounds would be a possible draft-day selection by the Browns. Current Cleveland left tackle Jedrick Wills has had his share of issues playing at that position in his time with the team. Giving him some extra competition in training camp can't hurt.

A few other linemen to keep an eye on for the Browns in this draft would include Wanya Morris out of Oklahoma who's played both left and right tackle in his college years. In addition, listen for the name of Ryan Hayes, from Michigan, who was a reliable left tackle for his Wolverine team.