3 potential offensive coordinators Cleveland Browns could hire

Who will be calling the plays for the Cleveland Browns in 2024? Explore the potential options for the team's offensive coordinator and how they could impact the offense.

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No. 2 – Darrell Bevell

To me, Darrell Bevell is a very interesting prospect. With a ton of offensive coordinator and play-calling experience, there's very little chance he would leave his post as quarterback coach and passing game coordinator for the Miami Dolphins unless he got the shot to call plays.

Bevell makes a lot of sense to at least be considered because of his and Stefanski’s overlap in Minnesota. Stefanski was the assistant to the head coach and assistant quarterbacks coach during the time that Bevell was the offensive coordinator from 2006 to 2010. 

What may be most appealing to Stefanski, is getting some knowledge of what he learned in his time with the Dolphins who had one of the most explosive offenses in the league last year. And while some instantly go to Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill as all the offense, the Dolphins ran the ball with a ton of efficiency and utilized their speed at all skill positions. 

While I’m not sold that Bevell’s strengths as a coordinator are a perfect fit with what the Browns need to do with Watson, he certainly has some great insight from Miami and has a relationship with Stefanski. 

Remember, Stefanski has been calling plays since 2019, it’s likely going to take someone he trusts to take that duty away from him. Bevell's name was tarnished with the Urban Meyer debacle in Jacksonville two years ago, and he's likely poised to become an offensive coordinator once again.