3 Quarterbacks the Cleveland Browns could target ahead of NFL Trade Deadline

If the Cleveland Browns are concerned that Deshaun Watson might continue to struggle with his injured shoulder, they could look for some help ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline
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2. Will Grier, New England Patriots

It wasn't that long ago the New England Patriots were reportedly considering starting Will Grier, although they were also considering rolling with Malik Cunningham. Mac Jones was struggling mightily and the offense was trending in the wrong direction.

They do have Bailey Zappe but apparently weren't sold on him either. Now heading into Week 8, things feel different. Jones had his best game of the year and led the Pats to a win over the Buffalo Bills. They're now 2-5 and are likely sticking with Jones but could also be ready to add more draft capital.

That's why it would make sense to see if they would be willing to swing a deal sending Grier to Cleveland in exchange for a late-round pick. If so, he could prove to be an improvement over P.J. Walker.

Grier has only appeared in two games in his career, both back in 2019 with the Carolina Panthers. He threw for 228 yards with no touchdowns and four picks but recently spent time with the Dallas Cowboys and was vastly improved from the player we saw in Carolina.

He was let go after the Cowboys traded for Trey Lance but had a farewell game to remember. Grier threw for 305 yards with two touchdown passes and added two rushing touchdowns as well.

Afterward, Grier said he was motivated to prove himself following the trade and Mike McCarthy called it the best preseason performance he's seen this century.

DTR is a cautionary tale on taking the preseason too seriously but Grier has been in the league for a while and has been well liked everywhere he went. Perhaps it's time to see if he can step up when given the reins.