3 reasons Brandin Cooks, DeAndre Hopkins were never realistic for Cleveland Browns

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It happens every single offseason, but this year appears to be worse than normal. Cleveland Browns fans continue to think every player linked to a possible trade should come to this organization. 

General manager Andrew Berry hasn’t been extremely flashy this offseason, but he continues to be extremely efficient with his signings. Many experts have the Browns in the top three as far as the best offseason thus far but fans still want splashier moves.

Brandin Cooks and DeAndre Hopkins are not exempt from the list mentioned above. For months there has been chatter from the fans that they both would make sense, but I can tell you that neither one was likely on Cleveland's radar.

With Cooks now traded to the Cowboys I’m sure all the attention will move to Hopkins. Here are three reasons that neither was ever a possibility.

Reason No. 3 – Deshaun Watson isn’t the Browns General Manager

No matter what you read in the media, you have a franchise quarterback and a general manager for a reason. And while Berry may very well ask Deshaun Watson for his input, he’s not ever going to be a decision-maker in this organization. If you haven’t learned that by now about Berry, you’re only fooling yourself.

Yes, Watson has a history with both Cooks and Hopkins, I’m sure they all three think highly of each other. Watson also had a great relationship with Will Fuller, and when that deal made all the sense in the world on the outside, it still didn’t happen. 

I’m not saying a player doesn’t ever follow a coach to a new team, or a free agent won’t follow their old quarterback, it certainly happens. But at the end of the day, Berry is the one driving this ship.