3 reasons Browns can win and 2 reasons they can lose in Week 2

Monday Night is a winnable game for the Cleveland Browns. Here are 5 reasons why they may or may not come out victorious.
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Reason the Cleveland Browns Could Lose – Over Confidence

The Cleveland Browns are coming off one of their biggest wins in franchise history since their return in 1999, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off one of their most embarrassing losses as a franchise. 

The Steelers didn’t just lose 30-7, the 49ers legitimately let off the gas to leave the Steelers with at least some dignity after they destroyed them on both sides of the ball.

My point is, that Mike Tomlin is one of the best head coaches in the NFL, and if you don’t think he will have this team ready to run through a wall, you are mistaken. 

I can assure you that Kenny Pickett will not only look sharper but the offense play calls will be adjusted to work towards what he excels at. And I can promise you that this defense is licking its chops after seeing the Browns offensive line struggle last week. 

After so much struggle and pain, the worst thing for this team right now is having to wait until Monday Night to get this feeling out of their system.

And right now, there is no team further on top of the mountain than the Cleveland Browns.  I’m sure that Kevin Stefanski and Jim Schwartz are preaching that the season isn’t one game, and they certainly know that the Steelers will come out ready to play. 

But will this team come out prepared?

If the Browns take this Steelers team lightly, it could get ugly, and the Browns will be starring 1-1 in the face.