3 Reasons Browns David Njoku will excel in 2023

David Njoku has done nothing but improve in his tenure as the Cleveland Browns primary tight end. Here's why 2023 will be his best season yet.

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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New offensive scheme

Based on everything we hear from Berea, the 2023 offense will be a high-flying affair. If that's the case, it is a perfect fit for David Njoku to have a career-high in targets, which leads to career highs across the board.

The Browns look like a team putting its money where its mouth is, as they have added a few receiving weapons this offseason. One of those new weapons could put a little damper on Njoku's numbers.

Andrew Berry signed Jordan Akins to add depth to a room that needed it with Njoku's injury history. Could having Akins hurt Njoku's target number? Sure. Will it? No. If they are throwing as much as expected this season, they will want to use the most talented weapons, and Njoku is near the top of that list. 

What Akins helps with is giving coach Kevin Stefanski the ability to get creative with matchups. You can use Njoku anywhere on the field now, and we all know mismatches are the name of the game in the NFL.

Now you could see him in the slot or out wide or anywhere that takes advantage of his skillset. That also takes the pressure off him to be a blocker making him even more valuable in a pass-first offense.

Njoku has proven he is capable. He has proven that he works hard to get better. Now he has an offense capable of taking advantage of his physical gifts.

It's easy to see Njoku put up 75-plus catches and over 1,000 yards. It could also mean better red zone numbers for both Njoku and the offense as a whole. He did lead them in red zone targets last season.