3 Reasons the Cleveland Browns could disappoint their fans in 2023

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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As we inch closer and closer to the 2023 season for the Cleveland Browns, there's a lot of excitement among fans. Truthfully, the excitement is rightfully so, this roster is in the best shape at this point since the team returned in 1999.

Andrew Berry has been extremely aggressive at the most important positions on the team and hasn’t been afraid to give out lengthy extensions with big dollars to guys who have earned it. On top of that, it appears that the most competent coaching staff since 1999 is also in place, which can’t be overlooked. 

I have a ton of excitement for this team built up, but we also can’t overlook the last two seasons and the disappointment it has brought. While it’s important to stay positive, we must remember these three reasons that could lead us to another disappointing season in 2023. 

3 Reasons Cleveland Browns could disappoint in 2023

3. Lack of leadership in the locker rom.

While I think Kevin Stefanski is a top-five coach in the NFL when it comes to X's and O's, the one thing I think he lacks is being a natural leader and motivator. I’m not saying he doesn’t have the skillset, it’s just not as prominent as his strategy execution.

At the same time, the Browns highest paid players (who should be vocal leaders), just aren’t built that way.  We are still learning about Deshaun Watson as a leader, but Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, Myles Garrett, and Denzel Ward will be giving speeches in the locker room to get the team's attention.

I truthfully dislike Jim Schwartz as a human, I think he is arrogant and full of himself.  But, that is precisely what this team needs. I think he can be the guy that gets this team up when they are down and has them ready to run through a brick wall.

But, if he can’t fill that void, a lack of leadership in the locker room could be a vital missing piece that holds this team back in 2023.