3 reasons the Cleveland Browns could still disappoint in 2023

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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2. The Browns overall depth is still a concern

At first glance, Cleveland has addressed all the holes on their roster. And that's true, to a degree. They could feasibly go into the 2023 season with their current roster and feel good about their starting unit. However, the depth behind the top-11 on either side still has a few areas of concern.

While they did sign Trysten Hill and Maurice Hurst to give them options at defensive tackle behind Dalvin Tomlinson, they still need depth on the edge of the defensive line. Myles Garrett is clearly an All-Pro and Okoronkwo could be a solid starter but they're one injury away from Alex Wright or Isaiah Thomas jumping into starting roles.

Perhaps that works out fine but it would be nice to have some more depth just in case either of the second-year players aren't ready for an expanded role.

The same can be said of the running back and offensive tackle positions. Jerome Ford has plenty of talent but has all of eight carries in the NFL. Nick Chubb is a monster but he's also missed time in his career, and Ford has yet to prove he can be the guy when called upon.

Lastly, there's the offensive line. Behind Jack Conklin and Jed Wills, they don't have a legit swing tackle that inspires confidence. James Hudson improved from year one to year two but he's about all they have.

At this point, it's nothing to panic over but given the number of injuries this franchise has battled through over the past two seasons, especially at all these positions, it might be best to keep looking for depth.