3 reasons the Cleveland Browns could still disappoint in 2023

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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1. Deshaun Watson needs to prove he's still Deshaun Watson

Cleveland gave up an awful lot to bring in Deshaun Watson and considering the issues they've had trying to land a franchise quarterback, the move made sense. The problem is, it was still a bit of a gamble.

Even though Watson has played at an elite level in the past, he hasn't done so since 2020 when he was with Houston. The following season, he didn't play at all as he was being accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct.

Eventually, he was traded to the Browns where he served an 11-game suspension. In the final six games of the year, he was far from the player we saw in 2020.

That was to be expected following a 700-day layoff but it's still concerning that he completed just 58.2 percent of his throws and had five picks in six starts.

The good news is, he did show progression as the weeks went on. His numbers also would have been better if not for some untimely drops by the receiving corps.

Heading into 2023, the table is set for Watson. He has three talented wide receivers, two pass-catching tight ends, an impressive offensive line, and a top rushing attack. Now, he just has to prove he can be the same player we saw when he was with the Texans.

If he can do that, this season can be a huge success. If not, it could be a long year.

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