3 reasons the Cleveland Browns should beg to be on Hard Knocks

Even though it can be distracting, Andrew Berry should be begging the NFL to feature the Cleveland Browns on Hard Knocks in 2023
Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns
Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Reason No. 2: Re-Introduce the Browns to America

One of the coolest things about Hard Knocks in 2018 was everyone got to know this team and the coaching staff. As an avid fan, I like to think I knew a lot of this stuff, but the documentary really helped fans understand what made everyone click.

To this day my family will joke about the scene on how Carl Nassib was named, and seeing the undrafted guys fight for a spot on the roster and everything they have already overcame. 

And while everyone knew who they were in 2018, some of that has died already. I think if America saw who Kevin Stefanski and cast are, a lot of people would fall in love with this team. You may not gain a bunch of fans from it, but at least people are going to tune into games and have a little vested interest in seeing them win. 

There are still a lot of pieces from the 2018 roster, but there are also a lot of new pieces that would be great for everyone to see and meet. I personally would be most excited to learn about Jim Schwartz.  He seems to have a lot of fire and passion and would likely play a similar role that Williams did in 2018.

After two seasons of complete disappointment, the Browns just need a win wherever they can get it.  In my experience with Hard Knocks, the team featured comes out smelling like a rose.  That small win could be enough to light the fire for the regular season and keep things rolling.