3 reasons the Cleveland Browns should beg to be on Hard Knocks

Even though it can be distracting, Andrew Berry should be begging the NFL to feature the Cleveland Browns on Hard Knocks in 2023

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns
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Reason No. 1: Good Publicity for Deshaun Watson

I’m honestly not sure how poor the perception is of Deshaun Watson outside of the Cleveland Browns organization, but I’m sure there is still some negativity after all the allegations against him.  And even though he was never convicted of any wrongdoing, the tarnish isn’t going to wear off that quickly.

Where Hard Knocks could be a huge benefit, is letting people get to know Watson.  It appears he’s doing all the right things and giving back to the community, so putting that on National Television would only help America see that maybe he isn’t such a bad guy.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know Watson either, I only know what I read which tells me he does all the right things.  One thing Hard Knocks would not be able to hide is if he does them for the right reason or not. 

There is no doubt that the Browns went all-in on Watson. They gave up five picks including three first-rounders and gave him a fully guaranteed contract. If this plan doesn’t work out, this organization is likely behind for the next three to four seasons. 

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The documentary tends to pick four or five main characters, and then has another four or five that they follow closely, but not as close. Guys like Kevin Stefanski, Schwartz, and Watson seem to be the perfect fit and should have Andrew Berry knocking at the door of HBO to get his team signed up. 

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