3 reasons to hold your breath on Cleveland Browns restructures

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Andrew Berry says that contract restructures are on the table, but here's why that may not be so great for the Cleveland Browns.

One thing we have learned quickly from the Cleveland Browns, Andrew Berry isn’t going to speak any more than he must. And while that isn’t a bad thing, fans just crave more. Berry is famous for not saying much, but in this week’s press conference before the combine, he said more than usual.

Not only did Berry talk about the urgency to get this organization heading in the right direction, but he also talked about the possibilities of some restructures. He didn’t come right out and say it, but many think he could still take a few big swings in free agency. It would take some true financial maneuvering with the cap, but only time will tell. 

Going big in free agency will be fun for fans, but isn’t always successful. Berry must also be careful with these restructures as they can be detrimental to the organization down the road. Here are the reasons to not get too excited.

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Reason No. 3 – Discourages player development

I’m all for the Browns getting better and getting better quickly but restructuring contracts to bring in a bunch of new faces can be detrimental to your player development. I’m not saying I want to see guys like Anthony Schwartz or even Tommy Togiai continue to get snaps, but are we really want to put guys like A.J. Green and Tony Fields on the back burner again?

Remember, the Browns don’t have a first-round pick in the next two drafts so they’re going to have to get some production from late-round picks to make sure things stay afloat. I know the Saints and Buccaneers both had stretches of success, but they are prime examples of what happens when you don’t build your talent from within. 

Restructures with guys like Amari Cooper, Myles Garrett, and Deshaun Watson may make sense, but hopefully, Berry will be careful to not overdo it on overhauling this roster.