3 reasons to hold your breath on Cleveland Browns restructures

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Reason No. 2 – No room for error

Around the league, you will hear people say, “the cap is fake.” And while there are certainly a lot of ways around it and to manipulate it, there are also some consequences to it. Let’s use Deshaun Watson as an example.

The Cleveland Browns can restructure his deal for the next three years giving him a huge signing bonus and pushing his cap hit out more and more. But what you continue to do is make a player who is impossible to move off your team. 

Watson is probably not the best example because I do think he's the long-term solution in Cleveland, but if you do sign a few free agents with back-loaded contracts and void years just to make it work, you’re tying yourself to that player. No team will be willing to trade anything for a bad player and a bad contract. 

I don’t want to bash this roster and act like it’s awful, but it’s also underperformed for three straight seasons. At some point, you must accept that there are some guys not living up to expectations. Berry must be careful to avoid restructures with those players and put this team in a desperate situation. 

It’s hard enough to win in the NFL, but you have no chance if you have players who are overpaid and underperforming.