3 remaining questions for Cleveland Browns heading into 2024 season

What are the biggest questions facing the Browns in 2024?
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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1. Will Deshaun Watson be good enough?

Andrew Berry said he expects Deshaun Watson to “hit the ground running,” but the truth remains that we don't have much data to prove that will happen.

Watson enters his third season with the team and he's played in just 12 games during the first two campaigns. In all, the Browns are 8-4 when he starts but it's safe to say Watson hasn't done the heavy lifting. While he did play well in his final outing in 2023 before being sent to the IR with a shoulder injury, much of his tenure in Cleveland has been categorized as “rusty.”

First, it was rust from being out in 2021 and suspended for 11 games in 2022. Then it was rust from getting back into the mix after playing just six games in Cleveland. Now, we’re surely going to hear about rust again when he returns from shoulder surgery.

Of course, that excuse will only work for so long — and frankly, it's run its course. As Berry said, the Browns need him to take off this season from Week 1. They can't continue to sacrifice games due to Watson. They need their $230 million quarterback to play like the franchise changer they expected him to be.

Sadly, he enters year three with just as many questions as we had when he first arrived. 

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