3 surprise trade targets for Cleveland Browns in 2024 offseason

Andrew Berry has had no problem swinging for the fences and could do so again for the Cleveland Browns this coming offseason

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1. Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo Bills

For the past couple of seasons, Stefon Diggs is a name that has been floated as a potential trade target. There are whispers that he's unhappy with the Buffalo Bills but the team isn't exactly in a hurry to move him due to a lack of other options. However, Connor Livesay from The 33rd Team believes they might finally have the pieces to move on.

He points to the progression of Dalton Kincaid and Khalil Shakir as reasons that Diggs could finally be on the move. They also have Gabriel Davis who has 595 yards and six touchdowns this season — although he's set for free agency so there's another decision there for them to think about.

As for Diggs, there would be no shortage of suitors should he hit the open market. One potential landing spot that has been mentioned often is with the Dallas Cowboys. The connection there makes sense considering his brother plays in Dallas and wants the two to join forces. The problem is that the Cowboys are already going to have to figure out how to pay CeeDee Lamb and likely won't add another high-priced wideout.

And when it comes to Diggs, his price tag is high. He enters 2024 with a cap hit of $27.8 million, so any team going after him would try and sign him to an extension to spread that money out. While the Cowboys aren't a logical choice, the Browns have suddenly been mentioned as potential suitors for the 30-year-old wideout.

Should they prove to be the interested party, they might also have to part ways with Amari Cooper who counts for nearly $24 million next year — but they could save $20 million of that as a post-June 1 cut. That's in addition to giving up more draft capital, which could be tough since 2024 is the final year they're without a Round 1 pick following the Deshaun Watson trade.

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Even with all that being said, the Browns could wind up being a team to watch. This recent stretch with backup players proves just how good their roster is — and with the right pieces around Watson, they could wind up winning it all. If they think Diggs is capable of putting them over the top, Andrew Berry might be willing to pay the price.