3 teams Joe Flacco could ditch Browns for in 2024 NFL free agency

Could Joe Flacco parlay his CPOY season into a decent free agent deal?

Joe Flacco
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Joe Flacco was not the hero anyone knew the Cleveland Browns needed in 2023, but the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year certainly earned his place at the NFL Awards this season. Flacco came to the Cleveland Browns seemingly ice-cold. He didn't spend the offseason with any NFL teams, and although he was undoubtedly working out and staying ready, Flacco's ability to come in and run Kevin Stefanski's offense, passing for 320-plus yards per game?

It was impressive, to say the least. And it has brought about questions as to whether or not some teams are going to covet Flacco in 2024 NFL Free Agency.

It's not likely that Flacco is going to have teams throwing themselves at him to be their new starter, but teams looking to draft quarterbacks, teams in need of bridge starters, or teams that simply want to raise the floor of their QB2 position will all be interested in Flacco this offseason. Let's take a look at a trio that could come calling.

1. New England Patriots

I think the New England Patriots are one obvious team to watch out for when it comes to someone else signing Joe Flacco away from the Cleveland Browns this offseason. First of all, Flacco is from the Northeast, so a return to that part of the country may be something that interests him.

Second, New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo (still weird to type this) has hired former Cleveland Browns OC Alex Van Pelt as his offensive coordinator this year. That connection for Flacco could be super helpful when it comes to his free agency pursuits, but with the Patriots likely looking at QBs in the NFL Draft, Flacco could be a veteran voice in the room and a fail-safe in case of an injury like we saw last year with Anthony Richardson, Gardner Minshew, and the Colts.