3 teams Joe Flacco could ditch Browns for in 2024 NFL free agency

Could Joe Flacco parlay his CPOY season into a decent free agent deal?

Joe Flacco
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3. Pittsburgh Steelers

I mentioned it before, but one thing that might be attractive to Joe Flacco in NFL free agency is a return to the Northeastern part of the country, where he is from. Proximity to home is not always "everything" when it comes to NFL free agency. We could just as easily see Flacco go out and play for Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers this coming season.

With that being said, the Pittsburgh Steelers could make a lot of sense for him.

Flacco's college career started off with the Pittsburgh program before he transferred to Delaware, where he ultimately became a first-round NFL Draft prospect.

The Pittsburgh Steelers play just under five hours from where Flacco grew up and played his high school ball. We've already seen multiple times in his later years that Flacco is being drawn back to this part of the country with his decisions to sign with both the Jets and Eagles in consecutive years.

i think with the Steelers cutting Mitchell Trubisky, Mason Rudolph hitting free agency, and Kenny Pickett obviously not playing great in his first two NFL seasons, this is a situation where Flacco could legitimately come in and see some substantial playing time in 2024 depending on what else the Steelers do at the position this offseason.

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