3 under the radar trade candidates the Cleveland Browns should consider at NFL Trade Deadline

The Cleveland Browns have one of the best defenses in the NFL but could look to improve their offense at the NFL Trade Deadline with these 3 under-the-radar targets

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Kelvin Beachum, OT, Arizona Cardinals

For all the talk of Garett Bolles being on the radar, the Browns are unlikely to go after a big-name left tackle. It's true that Bolles would be an upgrade over Jedrick Wills but with the front office deciding to pick up Wills' fifth-year option, his contract is now fully guaranteed in 2024. That's why it would be tough for them to add Bolles, since they would have two highly-paid left tackles.

Before it's suggested to throw Wills in on a trade for Bolles, there's no way the Broncos look to replace their starter with Wills for similar pay. If they're stuck with a big salary, might as well keep the better player. Let's also be fair to Wills and point out he's shown improvement over the past few games he's played this season so Cleveland is going to cling to the hope that he can get it done before they over-pay.

With that being said, the Browns best option is probably to look for a veteran who can start but is currently on the bench. That leads us to Kelvin Beachum of the Arizona Cardinals.

Beachum is 34 years old, so he's on the back nine of his career but he has 147 starts under his belt — including 17 last season with Arizona. He played well for the Cards but has been replaced by D.J. Humphries and Paris Johnson. With experience as both a left and right tackle, Beachum can serve as the backup to Wills and Dawand Jones while also giving them someone to turn to should Wills either continue to deal with nagging injuries or simply take a turn in the wrong direction.