3 underrated Cleveland Browns who will make an impact in 2024

Look out for these 3 underrated Cleveland Browns

Maurice Hurst II, Cleveland Browns
Maurice Hurst II, Cleveland Browns / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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No. 2: Nyheim Hines

After the injury to Nick Chubb last year, some (including myself) had doubts as to whether he would even be on the team in 2024. And while that question hasn’t been answered, the addition of Nyheim Hines and D’Onta Foreman tells me it’s more of a transition plan back to Chubb vs. a complete change in strategy.

I don’t think anyone was overly excited about the addition of Hines. For some reason, Berry loves adding guys who are coming off injury, but I think Hines can be a big addition to this team. He’s never had more than 380 yards rushing, but twice in his five-year career, he has had more than 60 receptions for more than 400 yards which is exactly why Berry wanted him.

This change in philosophy for the offense won’t take away from the running game, but it will certainly change the style. We will see far more shotgun snaps and plenty of screen passes to help slow down this pass rush which is exactly where Hines will come into play.

Don’t look for him to be a guy that gets 45 snaps a game, but I would expect him to be extremely effective in the 15 or so snaps he gets a game, especially catching the ball out of the backfield.