4 bold predictions in Browns Wild Card game against Texans

The Cleveland Browns look to move to Round 2 of the playoffs and that could happen if these 4 bold predictions come true

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2. Myles Garrett strip-sack leads to TD

Former No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett put together yet another impressive season in Cleveland. In 16 games (he was one of many to sit out in Week 18), Garrett had 42 tackles and 14 sacks. He was on pace for even more but a shoulder injury slowed him down and he went five games in a row without a sack. He finally notched one against the Jets, which should help him catch fire once again -- plus, he should feel much better thanks to the time off.

The Texans were one of the teams Garrett was unable to record a sack against as Case Keenum and Davis Mills were able to avoid him. Now, he will be trying to get after C.J. Stroud, who is the favorite for the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. Stroud was sacked 38 times in 15 games and only had three games all year where he wasn't taken down behind the line of scrimmage at least once. All three of those were early in the year against Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.

Garrett will be ready to make some noise in his second playoff appearance. In 2020, he had three tackles and one sack in two games but now has a much better defensive coordinator. He also has more help around him which will keep the Texans from being able to effectively double-team him without paying the price.

That's why it's a safe bet that Garrett will find a way to make an impact play. In this bold prediction, he does that by not only registering a sack on Stroud but also by forcing a fumble that gets recovered in the end zone. This defense is at its best when they attack and that's what Garrett is going to do with a rookie quarterback on the other side.