4 bold predictions as Cleveland Browns take on Broncos in Week 12

• Okoronkwo keeps making plays

• Njoku hit the Jugs machine

• Garrett adds to his resume

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1. Dorian Thompson-Robinson has no turnovers, runs a TD

When Deshaun Watson was first sidelined, the Browns turned to rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson. He started in Week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens and it wasn't pretty. Cleveland lost 28-3 and Thompson-Robinson finished 19-of-36 for 121 yards with no touchdowns and three picks.

He was replaced by P.J. Walker for the next couple of games while Watson dealt with his shoulder injury bit with No. 4 on the shelf for the season, Kevin Stefanski went back to DTR. The rookie claimed he was better prepared this time and vowed to be better. Cleveland won with him this past week and he had a stellar final drive that set up the game-winning kick.

However, his numbers weren't vastly better. This time, he was 24-of-43 for 165 yards with no touchdowns and one interception While it was great to see him protect the ball better, he still had far too many incompletions and didn't push the ball downfield at all. They also could have let him run the ball more since that was working when it was called.

This week, they'll likely need more from Thompson-Robinson and that should include more runs from the quarterback. So far, he hasn't taken off much with just seven rushes for 44 yards. In this bold prediction he not only protects the ball better and doesn't turn it over but he also runs in a touchdown, helping the offense take a step in the right direction.

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