4 Browns who could lose their spot on the roster to a rookie in 2024

Which veterans could be in danger?
David Bell, Cleveland Browns
David Bell, Cleveland Browns / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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2. David Bell, WR

Andrew Berry has struggled in one area since arriving in Cleveland — scouting collegiate wide receivers.

While he appeared to have hit gold on Donovan Peoples-Jones from Michigan in Round 6 of the 2020 NFL Draft, each selection he's made at wideout since has left a lot to be desired. Those picks include Anthony Schwartz (Auburn, Round 3, 2021), David Bell (Purdue, Round 3, 2022), and Cedric Tillman (Tennessee, Round 3, 2023). Schwartz was released after two disappointing seasons and now the attention will turn to Bell.

The Purdue product enters his third season with 38 receptions for 381 yards with three touchdowns. He showed improvement in year two despite seeing less time on the field but he might be running low on time to make an impression.

Tillman will be given the advantage over Bell since he's the newer pick, and with the addition of Jerry Jeudy, that means Bell is WR5 at best behind Amari Cooper, Jeudy, Elijah Moore, and Tillman. He will have to contend with rookie Jamari Thrash from Louisville, who has more than enough upside to take that spot from him

Cleveland might go with six receivers but if they don't, Bell could be on the way out.